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Clinical Muscle, Episode 06

27 Feb 2017

The Doctors are IN! Back for more clinical rounds at the Advices Radio Network, Dr. Stephen Ogden and Dr. Vijay Puri return to surgically dissect your clinical bodybuilding questions! This week; Botox, will it stop your heart!?? When to take t3? What do the docs think of SARMs? First time TREN’ing?? And the Dr’s take a stroll down supplement memory lane. All this and much much more! Spread’m and cough, the Doctors will see you now…

Muscle Minds, Episode 05

22 Feb 2017

Muscle Minds Episode 5. Jordan Peters, Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally are back, discussing all things bodybuilding. Jordan is getting STRONG. Dr Scott is drinking Shushes? The guys are back, answering questions from the Advices Bodybuilding Forums and discussing topics such as Favorite Muscle Round Exercises, Jordan talks about the work he and James Hollingshead are doing, as James works closer to actualizing his potential in the sport. Are Knee wraps going to hold you back? How beneficial are waist trainers? Plus a little AC discussion. The show is coming up, The Muscle Minds will be there. Reach out and say hello if you see us!

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 05

16 Feb 2017

Blood Sweat & Gear E05. Skip Hill and Scott McNally. S2H is AWOL for this one. First the guys catch up after a few weeks away. Skip shares some interesting thoughts about rear delts and how to improve them. Next, new segment, The Weekly topic : The Varying Definition of Intensity. After that, this week’s questions include Pharm grade GH in the Off Season, Quality of specific Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin plus thoughts on using intra workout carbs while dieting, Cycling for a Football player vs Bodybuilder, How to avoid constipation during a diet, plus find out what Skip’s cat has done this week and more!

Clinical Muscle, Episode 05

09 Feb 2017

The 1.5 Doctors are IN! Clinical Muscle Episode 5 will defibrillate your auricles as the 1.5 Doctors dissect the listener questions! This week: Whey Isolate blood sugar issues? Clomid or TRT? Muscle knotting on Test/Primo/Var? Lantus and HGH, what about my blood sugars?? ACE inhibitors for Bodybuilding preventative health? All this and much much more! Slam that Barium and  let those polyps reveal themselves, because the Doctors are IN!

Advices Radio, Episode 31

07 Feb 2017

Advices Radio 31. Double Feature! First John Simmons, IFBB Pro, Judge and Contest Promotor comes on the show to talk with host Scott McNally and share his years of experience and wisdom in the sport of bodybuilding. John shares ideas about training and ideas on progressive resistance. He talks about posing and the work ethic that should go into it to be a champion. PLUS John tells us about turning pro in the difficult 90’s (back when there was only 1 pro card at the show)...

Muscle Minds, Episode 04

02 Feb 2017

Muscle Minds 4. Corinne Ingman joins Jordan Peters, Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally on this special installment. Corinne answers questions from the Advices Forums. Topics include Training, Motivation, Outlook on Dieting and Competing, Super Supplements, and much more!