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Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 02

29 Dec 2016

Blood Sweat & Gear Episode 02. Right after Christmas, Skip Hill, S2H and Scott McNally talk about the holidays. Then from there, segway into listener questions from the Forums.

Muscle Minds, Episode 01

23 Dec 2016

Muscle Minds Episode 01. Meet the minds behind the muscle, Dr Scott Stevenson, Jordan Peters and Scott McNally. Then topics include Oral and PH only cycles. Is there is time where they are acceptable? How to predict how hard a client with work. Lowering Heitatocroit and RBC, SEO use, Maximum Recoverable Volume and volume per muscle. Plus much more on this first episode of Muscle Minds

Clinical Muscle, Episode 01

23 Dec 2016

Clinical Muscle Episode 01. Clinical Muscle is Dr Stephen Ogden and Dr Vijay Puri. They are back on the mic, answering questions from the Advices Radio forums. This week they cover Supplements for Thyroid Health, The Art of Physical Therapy for Tendonitis, Is Microdiscectomy Superior to Traditional Low Back Surgery, What Treatment Options are there for Tendonitis of the Wrist, How to Treat Acute PIP, plus much much more!!! Presented by Naps Gear

Blood Sweat & Gear, Episode 01

15 Dec 2016

Blood Sweat and Gear Episode 01- Meet the crew. Skip Hill and S2H are back...”And we’re back!” lol. Along with Scott McNally. Scott introduces the guys to the ARN community and from there we dive into questions from the Advices Radio forum. First up, S2H’s carb plan for DNP, then micro dosing insulin, GH timing, How to motivate someone that is not motivated, thoughts on MENT (Trestolone), Gear for females, Discoloring of fingernails and toenails, plus a ton of antics that can’t be summed up here. Tune in for some laughs and maybe learn a thing or two in the process. Check us out at or iTunes, on the network feed “Advices Radio”. BSG is presented by Naps Gear

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Advices Radio, Episode 26

12 Dec 2016

Advices Radio Episode 26, Documentarian James Grealish speaks with host Scott McNally about his new film 100% Nasty. This is the story of Anth Bailes and features Leroy Davis, Dorian Yates and Ernie Taylor.

Advices Radio, Episode 25

05 Dec 2016

Advices Radio Episode 25, Presented by Naps Gear. Colette Nelson (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Diabetes Educator) talks with Scott McNally about all things insulin. Insulin safety, Active life of various forms of Insulin, What is better, long or short acting insulin?, Low Dosing while using complex carbs, Insulin on a modified keto diet, Insulin for rejuvenation, Combining Insulin with GH and much more! Plus listener call in with questions for Colette. For more on Colette, visit,