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Advices Radio, Episode 24

28 Nov 2016

Advices Radio Episode 24, James Potter, AU bodybuilder, Mr Australia 2004, Mr Australasia 2006. A very humble and down to Earth guy, James comes on to talk with Scott McNally about his life long love of bodybuilding...

Advices Radio, Episode 23

25 Nov 2016

Advices Radio Episode 23 - Presented by Naps Gear. This week, Scott McNally catches up with Ken “Skip” Hill and S2H. Skip is a successful bodybuilding prep coach and formerly the host of PED Radio, along with S2H. The guys are reunited for the first time since PED...

Advices Radio, Episode 22

17 Nov 2016

Advices Radio Episode 22, Scott McNally talks to personal trainer and host of New York’s Muscle Radio, Anthony Bevilacqua about the top 5 mistakes people make in the gym. We are going back to basics with this one.

Advices Radio, Episode 21

11 Nov 2016

Advices Radio Episode 21, Presented by Naps Gear. First Scott talks with Jermey Simon about reverse dieting. Then Scott brings on S2H to answer the rest of the questions at the question box at This week, topics include steroids and hair loss, debate to use or not use orals, bridging vs coming off and much more.

Advices Radio, Episode 20

04 Nov 2016

Advices Radio Episode 20. Scott is joined by Alex Kikel to discuss questions submitted at the question box at Topics include peptide guidance, Hernias, Muscle Imbalances, Cycle Planning, Controlling Estrogen, BPH and its relationship to Estrogen