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Advices Stories, Death of the hardcore gym

31 Aug 2016

Advices Stories, Death of the Hardcore Gym. Scott explores changes in gym culture and the shift to mediocrity in bodybuilding. Then QA with RN Chuck Zurawski from the Advices Radio question box. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and like our Facebook page

Advices Radio, Episode 11

23 Aug 2016

Advices Radio 11 : Film maker, Mike Pulcinella and Scott McNally discuss Mike’s new film, Raising the Bar 4, out now and available on YouTube. Then Chuck Zurawski and Scott answer listener questions from, Followed by discussion of diuretics.

Advices Stories, Steroids

16 Aug 2016

Advices Stories - Steroids, presented by Naps Gear. This week, host Scott brings to you an audio documentary about anabolic steroids. This is a must listen. Then Scott talks with Bill Tocco of War Room Nutrition, answering questions form the Advices Radio question box.

Advices Radio, Episode 09

09 Aug 2016

Advices Radio Episode 09, Presented by Naps Gear. Scott McNally and Chuck Zurawski discuss listener questions. Health risks vs benefits of HRT, thoughts on research chems, improved sleep, receptor sensitivity on clen, short winstrol cycles, DHT blockers and acne plus other options for acne control, plus more!

PED : After Hours, Episode 02

01 Aug 2016

Taylor talks with top bodybuilding nutritionist, Dave Kalick. Topics include structuring your off season diet, long vs short esters, insulin in off season vs pre-contest, GH dosing, Fat burner cycling and much more!