Blood Sweat & Gear 68: Special Guest Dylan Armbrust joins Skip Hill S2H and Scott McNally. First the guys catch up with Dylan, talking about his gym, Armbrust Pro Gym, making Olympia Predictions and more.

Then Listener Questions:
46:45 Citrulline Malate and Supplements in general
49:00 High or Low Dosing in the Off Season
57:00 My Girlfriend thinks I’ll die from gear. I’m afraid my Dr will write me off if I tell him. There are some Drs that say gear can be used without issues but are they wrong and is the majority right?
1:16:18 How to handle nutrition on contest day to avoid spilling while staying full
1:19:25 We often talk about the benefit of free weights. What are the benefits of machines ?
1:30:10 WOULD YOU RATHER have the body of a 3rd call out national level Men’s Physique competitor OR would you rather be a world record powerlifter but not even look like you lift

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