Muscle Minds 11. MM is BACK! With Jordan Peters, Dr Scott Stevenson and Scott McNally. The guys catch up first. Jordan is officially dieting now. He tells us about his partner Corine is currently in Russia for the NABA World Championship and she is looking great! He also tells about working with and training with Sasan Heirati, who has been making HUGE waves in the bodybuilding world! Dr Scott is dieting as well and only 3 wks out from Team U. He is looking crazy lean and bigger than before. Then the guys tackle questions. Fertility and cycling. Approaching the topic of gear with a significant other. Thoughts on cardio in the off season and using EAA at that time. Training frequency, volume and recovery. Dealing with Weight Lifters Shoulder. Healthy fats for bodybuilding, Plus so much more, we can’t cover it with a synopsis. Just hit play already!

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