Muscle Minds 55 with Dr Scott Stevenson. Dr Scott and Scott McNally talk about Arnold Classic plans, Dr Scott’s seminar with John Meadows and Dr Eric Serrano plus the Advices Radio/Bodybuilding Nerds Live Podcast Extravaganza. Then some discussion of benefits of bilateral vs unilateral training. Then after the break, listener questions/ topics. Everything (Not everything) Dr Scott knows about TUDCA. Reversing the risks of Type 2 Diabetes. Then finally, a dieting dilemma. Why someone may be having a harder time dieting down compared to previous diets.

This is just a taste of what we can learn from Dr Scott. You can learn so much more and truly learn to “Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach” with the help of his book. It is a blueprint for a 365 day plan to success. Check it out at and check out

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