Advices Radio 101: Dr Ken Kinakin. Ken is a Chiropractor, an educator, a powerlifter and a life long bodybuilder. As evident in SWIS (Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists), he also has a special talent for bringing brilliant people together and facilitating dialog and education.SWIS, a symposium on all things strength and physique related, has hosted the top minds and athletes of bodybuilding and powerlifting along with the best from other sports and related areas of interest. Ken shares some of what he’s learned through holding SWIS as well as tells some great stories about his experiences with the people who have been a part of it. But this episode goes much further. Ken later speaks from his professional perspective as a Chiropractor, helping educate us about injury prevention, identifying warning signs and recovery. Plus as a man that has dedicated his life to the iron, he shares some of his personal perspectives on the direction he sees our sport going. We are lucky to have Ken on the show and lucky to have him spreading positivity to bodybuilding

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