Advices Radio 100: Bodybuilding Nerds/Advices Radio Live Event at the 2019 Arnold Classic. Join Vijay Puri and Scott McNally as they introduce and commentate on this live podcast event recorded Saturday morning at the Arnold in front of a live studio audience. Along with Veej and Scott, this event was packed with some of the biggest heavy hitters in the world of hardcore bodybuilding podcasting and fitness.

Dr Scott Stevenson
Skip Hill
Carl Lanore
Coach Dave Kalick
Austin Stout
IFBB Pro Hailey Delf
Ryan Delf
IFBB Pro Sarah da Bruce
Vijay Puri
Scott McNally

This event was sponsored by The Best Bar Ever. Thank you Best Bar Ever and thank you Mike Clay! We love what you are doing. Also thanks to Steve and IFBB Pro Josh Wade from Allmax Nutrition, who stopped by to join us. And a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to join us at the very first live podcast event in the history of bodybuilding! You guys are the BEST!!! - Scott McNally.

Technical note: Parts of this episode will only play through the right channel so be sure
that you have both your left and right speakers working to hear it properly)

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